Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Don't Know Where She Gets It!

Over the past two or three weeks, Sam's vocabulary has absolutely exploded. She's even started to put together simple sentences, although for some odd reason instead of "I" she says "Ina" as a contraction for "I'm going to." Some examples are: "Ina need dis" "Ina want this" "Ina go poo poos." My favorite new trick of hers however, has to be that she has started trying to make us laugh by telling jokes and making funny comments on purpose. I have no idea where she gets it... (For the record I really do have no idea why she answers her play phone with "what?" instead of "hello." I really don't actually do that.)

Here are some of my favorite Samisms from the past few days.

We took Sam to Sweet Tomatoes the other day. She loves trying a million different foods and on top of that ate a ton of mac and cheese, followed by sharing some frozen yogurt. As we were getting into the car afterwards, Sam said "Mommy?" "What, Sam?" "Ina need snack!" Then she cracked up. We were all appalled and impressed that she was trying to mess with our heads.

After her nap, Sam had the hiccups, as I was carrying her down the stairs, her hiccups made her burp--in my face. It smelled like fruit snacks (aka. Foot Snackies!) and I said "That's pretty gross, Sam." Sam's response was to shake her head and say "Dane Bups!" (dang burps!)

Yesterday morning we were watching Sesame Street on my bed. It was about bugs, and the narrator sang "If you look, you'll find bugs everywhere." Sam (who isn't crazy about bugs) heaved a giant sigh and said "Oh. Great."

So Sam has become a comedian lately, and it's cracking me up. If you try to have her put on a show however, it will blow up in your face. The other day, I said "Sam, tell Grams one of your funny jokes!" Sam leaned into the phone and said "Fun-ny joke!" Not what I meant, but funny all the same. This child of mine is absolutely nuts, or as she'll say while running full tilt around the house "I NUTS!!!!"

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Great News

Apparently, the one-hit wonder show on VH1 Classic was not a special, but a series.

I know, I know. I thought Christmas was over and done too, but here comes this little gift to the world in mid-January.
What a way to cheer up a truly dismal day of being home with a migraine. Although, I must admit, that back to back episodes did not help with the nausea...or the crushing feeling that I really should be above this. Guilt aside, how awesome is that?

Monday, January 11, 2010

This is why I'm not allowed watch TV late at night all alone.

Last night, Daniel came downstairs at 11:00pm, to find every light downstairs on, and me laying on the sofa in my pajamas watching VH1 Classic--it was a tribute to one hit wonders.

I was right in the middle of Taco's "Putting on the Ritz" when Daniel looked at the screen slightly confused.
Daniel: "What the heck are you watching?"
Me: "You know what, I may have peaked in the 80's, but for the rest of the country, it was a turbulent time."
Daniel: "Hmmm. Who is that?"
Me: (condescendingly) "That's Taco."
Daniel: "Uh huh."
Me: (still staring at the screen all glazed over) "Oh geez. There's a visual that will haunt my nightmares. I hate mannequins."
Daniel: "Uh, yeah, you think you'll be coming to bed anytime soon?"
Me: "I don't know, I'm pretty involved here...sigh...a very turbulent and disturbing time..."
Daniel: "Oooookay." Deep self-pitying sigh. He proceed to vacuum the room while I didn't even remove my eyes from the screen and only moved enough to turn up the volume. When he was done, he left to go back upstairs.

Sure enough, I sat through like 6 more HORRIBLE music videos for songs I don't even like before Bobby McFerrin appeared onscreen and created a new low even I was unwilling to sink to and I finally got up.

I'm not proud of it, but after 4 years of marriage, Daniel should really know by now, to never ever, let me channel surf alone late at night when I'm bored. No good has ever come from it. Does he not remember the 3-month campaign I mounted for a Shark Steam Mop (unfulfilled, I might add)? Now I have nightmares about Taco and Buster Poindexter disco-ing the night away. No good at all. Someone should take my remote away after 10pm.