Friday, October 1, 2010

They Say Time Flies

One of my friends was wonderful and agreed to take Sam yesterday afternoon so I could do some Sam-not-allowed errands. She and Sam went to her daughter's dance class and while they were waiting for her to finish up, they were in a room with a huge climbing wall. Apparently, Sam was absolutely obsessed with the climbing wall, and kept asking if she could "PLEASE!" climb the wall. Finally, my friend explained that the rules are that you have to be at least 5 to use the climbing wall. At this point, Sam looked at her and said, "I'm six."
Now, I know they say time flies and you blink and your kids grow up, but I'm pretty sure I didn't miss four whole years.
I'm also totally torn, because I'm way impressed that Sam automatically knew that six was more than five without counting, and that for some reason, she seemed to realize that it would look shady if she claimed to be the exact age needed for the climbing wall and therefore went up a year. I'm not, however, proud of her seemingly casual relationship to honesty at this point. If she were only two, I'd probably excuse it, but for a six-year-old to lie, is simply unacceptable. :)