Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Stand Corrected

This was a weirder conversation:
Sam: "Hey, where does my belly button go?"
Me: "Huh? Where does it go? It doesn't 'go' anywhere..."
Sam: "Well, can I stick my finger in it?"
Me: "Sure, knock yourself out."
Sam: "Thanks!!"

Hmmm, the older she gets, the odder she gets, but I'm glad I was able to grant her belly button wish. I guess.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oddest Conversation Ever

Sam: "Mom, can I poop in my undies?"
Me: "No."
Sam: "Okay, I not poop in them."
Then she ran off to play.

Ummmm, okay. There's probably more to that story, but do I want to know?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wheelin' and Dealin'

It's a good thing that Peyton doesn't cry all that often, because it makes his big sister go completely ballistic. On the rare occasion he does start screaming, she starts yelling at us (in case we couldn't hear him in the first place) "Help him! Mom, Dad, he needs help! You have to take care of him! Peyton is CRYING!!!" Then, she feels so sorry and helpless that she starts tearing up and sniffling for good measure. Within minutes I have two kids bawling. Most often, this happens in the car.

So, today on the way to preschool, Peyton decided he wanted no part of being in the car. I wasn't that worried about letting him cry since preschool is literally in our neighborhood and the whole trip there and home is less than 5 minutes (its still a little too cool in the mornings to walk with Peyton, plus we'd have to be ready like 10 minutes earlier and that will probably never happen). Sam, however, does not like hearing him cry, as previously established. Once she (loudly) informed me that 1) he was crying and 2) she could not reach his binky or his mouth to help out, she asked "could you please help him and make sure he isn't crying?"
I explained that I couldn't reach his binky either, but it was mommy's job to drive safely and keep the car on the road, and that it was okay for babies to cry for a little while sometimes so I could keep us all safe.
Sam seemed less than satisfied with this explanation, but finally she heaved a huge sigh and said "Fine, will you make sure that no monsters get in the car then?"

Sure, kid. You bet. A request I could deliver on! So in the end, Peyton screamed all the way to preschool and all the way home, but guess how many monsters hopped in the car on my watch? ZERO. Nailed it! Finally, I get to feel successful as a parent--I can't take her to Utah every day when she asks, or get her a happy meal after every preschool class, or take her to the pool when its 50 degrees outside, but I can keep our vehicle monster-free.
Feeling victorious.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Truth Hurts

Today before naptime, Sam asked me to dance with her.
I'm not much of a dancer, but she mainly wants someone to hold hands with while she jumps in a circle around them, so she doesn't complain. We were "dancing" when Sam said "This is just like Beauty and the Beast."
Trying to be somewhat funny, I said "So what are you saying about me then, Sam?"
She looked right at me and said, "You're the beast, and I'm the beauty."

Maybe I shouldn't have asked.

I have been a little cranky lately, so I should have seen this coming.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Here We Go Again

I honestly don't know how this happened, but Peyton got pink eye less than a week ago.

At least, the doctor says it's pinkeye. I'm not so sure. Here are the facts:
His eyes were doing a lot of gross oozing. It looked just like pinkeye. I see where the doc would get that diagnosis.
However, here are some more facts. This kid never goes anywhere--seriously, thanks to a wicked RSV season in our neighborhood the handful of times I've had to take him out to a store, we go when it's not crowded and keep him away from people and covered in his carrier. He's only been around people at Grandma's house, and none of those people had pinkeye. Neither did his sister for that matter, which is the most likely place for him to catch it, seeing as she hangs out with other kids and everyone her age has questionable hygiene practices. None of us had it before or after he got it. Now, I'm pretty germphobic, but even I can't claim to be so awesomely on top of everything that none of us would catch it, seeing as it's so contagious and his sister loves to kiss him.
Also, and this is the point that really confuses me...Samantha also got "pinkeye" at exactly three weeks old, also without leaving the house or hanging out with people. None of us caught it from her either.
Seriously, what are the odds that my agoraphobic babies would each catch a hugely contagious eye infection from an unidentified source, at the exact same age, three years apart, without passing it to either parent or another family member? Isn't it more likely that my kids are prone to clogged tear ducts that get infected or something?

Am I the only one who thinks this is weird?

On the plus side, if you need antibiotic eye ointment put in your newborn's eyes, I'm getting to be a pro at it.

Other than the pinkeye, which for the record has set me back immeasurably in my quest to be less weird about taking him out in public, things are going great for us!