Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not what she thought it would be

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. I've had a lot of things going on around here, including my brother's wedding (Congrats to the Boy and Kiki!) and a two-week stay with my parents, just because Daniel and I finally realized that just because he has limited vacation time, doesn't mean I do. It only took us nearly 3 years to figure it out. We missed him for the week or so we were apart before he joined us, but it was nice for Sam to milk some serious grandparent time where she normally only gets a few days. Plus, having help with Sam in the form of my sister has been absolutely awesome. Everyone should have a teenager in the house that they trust, but don't have the responsibility of raising when they have a toddler. Adjusting back has been hard, but that's part of the joy of vacation, right?

So what's going on with us that has us so busy?
Lately, Sam has been very much into telling me she loves "cute babies." She yells "Ohhh, yook at da cute babies!" at Gerber commercials. She plays with her baby dolls. She also treats all the kids at church under three and a half feet (even the ones older than her) as "babies" and tries to feed them her goldfish--directly into their mouths, which is more than a little embarrassing, particularly when the "baby" in question is pushing age four.

Apparently, however, all this love is purely in the abstract. When we went to visit a friend with a new baby, she was so excited to see him she talked about it all morning, and made him a "card" that she slipped into our baby gift when I wasn't looking. He was all she could talk about--"I gonna see da baby! Cute babies!" When she ran in from playing outside to see me holding the baby, however, she changed her tune. Standing squarely in front of me and pointing at my arms she very loudly, very carefully, and very slowly said "Put. Da. Baby. Down. You hold me, Mom. You hold me!" I have never seen anyone turn on another person so fast. In Sam's eyes, babies are only cute when relegated to their swing, or their car seat, or the arms of anyone but her very own mom.

Uh...if she doesn't find a way to cope with this, I think Sam is going to have a really tough February.