Friday, May 28, 2010

Public Humiliation

So, Samantha has yet to "click" with potty training, although she does refuse to pee in her underwear now, she also refuses to pee in the potty, meaning she holds it all day long until we put a diaper on her which she fills until it bursts, or she pees a little at a time in her pants and then stops herself and yells "I have to go to potty!" We then rush like maniacs to put her on the toilet, and she chickens out and starts saying "all done!" before she even gets on the thing. Thankfully, due to her little leak, she has a little more room to repeat the cycle all again an hour later.

One thing she has completely figured out, however, is that other people expect parents to respond to a kid who has to go potty. Now, when we are at a store or public place that she finds boring, she starts yelling as loud as she can "Mommy! I need to go da bafroom! I've got to poop! Mommy! Da bafroom! PEEASE!"
I'm stuck standing there, whispering to her, "Sam, you do not use the potty, you will go in there, touch a bunch of public toilet seats (giving mommy a sick feeling in her germophobe stomach) and then say you are all done. You are wearing a diaper, and you are not potty trained!"

You should see the looks I get when I have a kid screaming "I need da bafroom! I've got to poop!" and I'm standing there refusing to drop everything and take her repeating, "but you won't use the potty!" I know she has no intention of using the potty, but she loves to explore public bathrooms. She is obsessed with going in the bathrooms at Wal-mart all the more because it is forbidden. I won't even use them, for crying out loud, I'm not going to take my little 2-year-old in there. It's a cesspool.

It's driving me crazy! How is it that she can figure out how to make Mommy look bad in public, and get an evil little kick out of it, but she can not figure out that it's not fun to sit in your own poop and it's better to use the potty!?

I don't even want to train her hard core yet, but I'm going to have to. I wanted to let her lead the way, but she's only using that power to screw with me.
At least if she's in underwear, when she yells "I have go bafroom," I'll have a reason to take her, and the remote possibility she'll actually go.
In the meantime, if you see me go by with a bruise on my forehead, it's only from banging my head against a wall.


Rachel and Jared Lautenschlager said...

Silver lining-at least she won't pee in her underwear, that's the part that I just can't handle very well. :) We start potty training Jordan after camping this weekend, so we'll join the fun! :)

Alison said...

Train this child now because she's only going to get smarter and make potty training all the more miserable, she's clearly too smart already.
Skyler adored public restrooms and each time we'd enter astore he'd insist he had to go even if he just went 10 minutes ago in the last store. I'd take him and he would always go. I was pretty convinced that he always kept some pee in his bladder just so he always would have to go and so he could wet his pants should I not take him (cause yeah, he did that once)
when I started training Jonah it seemed like I was actually training him to be a camel. I was sure he was just holding out for me to put a diaper on him at bedtime so I didn't. He learned pretty quickly that I was serious about this toilet thing. I just double sheeted his bed (waterproof mattress pad, sheet, waterproof mattress pad, sheet -so you just remove a layer and don't have to change the sheets) and hoped for the best. He does suprisIngly well overnight. Though I still can't get him to consistently get him to poop in the toilet, so what do I know?
Uh, clearly I'm oddly passionate about potty training, whatever.

Bethany M said...

Kennedy uses this excuse in Sacrament meeting...did it today in fact. Got to the bathroom, and she didn't do anything. She knows how to work the system. If we tell her no, then she changes her story from #1 to #2 because she knows we won't tell her no on that one.

Kristen said...

the bathroom at a walmart in mexico, now THAT was disgusting! i'm glad sam is over this stage, and i'm just late in reading about it:)