Sunday, June 13, 2010


Okay, it seems only fitting that for my 100th post, I have an announcement that makes me very happy!!!
It clicked! Sam has officially been completely diaper free for two weeks as of tomorrow, and she now very rarely has an accident! No more cleaning up random puddles of pee around the house during the day!!!! She's started waking up at night before she goes in her sleep, and making a trip then going back to bed. We've even had great success on the road with public bathrooms--less success with Mommy, who still can not stand the idea of public potties and dances around nervously yelling "DON'T touch the seat! Please don't touch the seat! For the love of Pete, get that hand away from the seat!!!" the entire time...
I think I saw the Elmos on her undies breath a sigh of relief to not be peed on every single time they come out of the drawer.

Dare I say it? I think Sam is potty-trained.

If you're interested in my secret to successful potty training, it is only a huge box of wipes from Sam's club, and a brand new box of diapers from Wal-mart the day before your spouse decides he simply can not change another diaper and you decide to full-time underwear it. Something about all that wasted money must speed the process along...
Thankfully, the young women needed a bunch of wipes for girls' camp this week! They can thank our bizarre timing for their shiny clean hands.

Of course, like everything else I have ever learned from parenting, this too is a double-edged sword. If you want to know the downside, just ask anyone sitting in the pews around us at church this week--as Sam returned from a triumphant bathroom run, threw up both hands to her *percieved* adoring fans and announced "I pooped in the potty AT CHURCH! Hey!" Thank you for that display, Eva Peron. I'm proud of you too, now for the next training item: shutting up about it in public. I don't know who is going to teach her, however, since I just did my poop bragging on the INTERNET for crying out loud. Does it make it better if I'm bragging for someone else, and not of my own habits?

No more diapers--hip, hip, hooray!!!