Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My son, the comedian

Today while changing Peyton's diaper, I got hosed down. It's probably only the fourth time in his life I've been sprayed (as opposed to Sam who managed to pee on me hundreds of times in her first few months of life alone), but oddly enough, it's the second time in the past two months.
As we get closer to potty training age, I get more convinced he's doing it on purpose, but I digress.
Anyway, things were going perfectly smoothly when he decided to turn on the hose.
I said, "Oh man, Peyton! It is not funny to pee on Mommy!"
Judging from his absolutely riotous laughter immediately after I finished speaking, he strongly disagreed with my assessment.

Apparently, peeing on mommy is the penultimate funniest thing he could possibly do, second only to opening the toilet lid and sneaking toys in there, so the next person that lifts the lid finds a bunch of surprises waiting for them. Thankfully, he usually laughs at himself so loud that I'm able to figure out pretty quickly from the echo that not only is he in the bathroom, but there's toys in the toilet.

Next on the shopping list, childproof locks for the door handles. If only we had knobs, instead of levers. He can't turn a knob to save his life. We could have bought a couple more weeks at least without Peyton-induced mayhem.

On a related note, I think the next Allstate mayhem commercial should be a 17-month-old boy. I don't know where I get inspiration like this, sometimes, the muse is just with me.