Thursday, April 30, 2009

Behold My Future!

The other day, I called my little sister on speakerphone just to say hi and rag on her for always leaving her cell phone off (augh!). She asked what Sam was doing, so I told her Sam was sitting on the floor playing with her Little People. Maddie asked if Sam could hear her and when I said "probably" she shrieked at the top of her teenage lungs--
"Hi there, Booger!!!" (Why in the world she thinks Booger is an adorable nickname is another post for another day).
Sam response? "Whut?" She even used the oh-so-charming surly teenager tone in which the a sounds like a u, and didn't bother looking up from her toys. Even from across the room, Maddie could feel the crankiness and just said "Jeez, sorry. So, did she just say what I thought she said?"
Now, I realize that she is way too young to know what the word "what" even means, or use that tone on purpose. She just happened to make a sound so bizarrely appropriate to the situation it sound like an actual answer. In fact, I would probably have found it completely hilarious if it wasn't for the fact that I felt a strange out-of-body experience at the time, as if I had just time warped 12 years into the future and was beholding my darling baby girl as a surly teenager. Instead of cracking me up, it's given me a little oogy shiver and brought back all the reasons I was terrified of having a girl in the first place. I'm so afraid of the drama and attitude--ranking it only slightly under my secret of not being able to do hair to save my life (the fact that she's bald has hidden it for a while, but she won't stay that way forever and soon the world will know my manly shame)!

I have seen my future, my friends, and it is snotty.


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Madison said...

Manly shame?!?! Haha that was awesome.