Friday, May 29, 2009

Feeling Isolated

Hello everybody,
Don't worry, I'll be coming back to the blogosphere soon, but things are a little rough around here right now.
My entire social circle has a diaper rash.
I need to either get cranky-pants over this so she is more fun to hang out with, or expand my social circle. Possibly both.


Alison said...

I would suggest expanding your social circle, though getting the one year old over her diaper rash is probably easier.

Kym said...

Best trick I've used was to leave the baby diaper-less and let him/her "air out" for long stretches of time. I know it's hot out, but the sun really does help bake off the moisture that causes rashes. Use loads of butt paste (aka diaper rash cream) at night time with baby powder. It helps keep the rash dry, even with the wet diapers. Tanner was always getting rashes, and these were the things I would do to help him heal faster. They all hated it when I used the butt paste (it stings a little), but then it would numb out the area and provide great protection. I always noticed a difference overnight when I forced the butt paste. You'll have to keep applying it at every diaper change to keep the rash healing. Good luck!

Carly said...

Lots of good advice, but no way am I falling for the naked thing AGAIN. Every single time I've tried it, even for less than 5 minutes, Sam pees on the floor. Once, she peed over the railing on the second floor of my parent's house! She's a classy dame, always let it go the second her diaper was off from birth. I thinks sometimes she thinks she's a boy.