Monday, February 28, 2011

Time is up!

Well, as of just over a week ago, I am now a mom of two! That's right--Peyton finally made an appearance, and although he was a couple weeks early, I had two solid days of "false" labor that made him seem more than overdue when he decided to show!

When I get my feet under me a little better, I will be posting more. Every time I think I've got this double duty handled, something weird comes up, but I have a feeling that's how it will be for the forseeable future. At least Peyton is a sleeper--Sam was not, from day 1, and now I understand why some people actually enjoy the newborn period. I will now stop secretly trying to get you committed to an insane asylum. I still wouldn't say the newborn period is my "fave" since I prefer a little more responsiveness from my kids, but it's not the zombie-like 24 hour a day exercise in frustration I seem to remember the first time around. Sleeping 3 hours at a stretch instead of 30 minutes makes a huge difference.

If you know me and you want to see pictures, you can check out the private family blog here. If you aren't on the permission list, you can pass me a note, call, text, message Daniel on facebook (not me, I never check it!), or email me with your email address and I'll add you. If you don't know me well enough to contact me in any of these ways, no offense, but why do you want to see pictures of my kids? And it's going to take a mighty good reason from a total stranger to sway me...

Life is good, and I'll check in later!

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