Monday, June 3, 2013

Busy Hands

Sometimes, I'm convinced any (or all) of my children could make one of those Dos Equis commercials:

"I don't always accidentally grope you inappropriately, but when I do, it will be in public."

"I don't always vomit, but when I do, it's without warning."

"I don't always manage to pee around the diaper, but when I do, it will be when you're out of emergency clothing."

"I don't always mispronounce words, but when I do, I make sure they sound like vulgar names of body parts."
(This is a very real thing at our house. Peyton has decided his new favorite food is cherries. So, naturally, he pronounces it "titties." I kid you not. He is always announcing "I love titties! I want titties!" We have video proof. It's endlessly embarrassing in public, especially because saying "he means cherries" sounds so stupid. Titties sounds nothing like "cherries," and it's just bizarre to yell about your love for cherries. But it's true, and he does. Although the constant yelling may have something to do with how hilarious his father finds this quirk.)

"I don't always have public meltdowns, but when I do, you will run into someone you know."

and finally,

"I don't always skip meals, but when I do, it will be at restaurant. After the food has been presented."

Stay frustrated, my friends.


Luann said...

I love your sense of humor Carly. Hilarious post.

Me said...

Thanks, Luann! It was a crazy day when that post happened, for sure!