Thursday, April 7, 2011

No One To Blame

Today, I was in the bathroom when I heard Peyton suddenly start screaming like he was in pain. I came running out prepared to have a serious and swift chat with Sam and make sure whatever she was doing to him wasn't intentional. The only other time he screamed like that, she was concentrating so hard on trying to give him a binky that she didn't realize she was resting all her weight on her elbow, on his little tummy--OUCH. Thirty or so pounds of pressure concentrated in one spot on top of a 9 lb kid. I felt awful for days, even though he stopped crying the second she was off and had no bruises or anything. After that episode, however, I was ready to spring into action at this new yelp.
I came out to find Sam sitting at the kitchen table with her peanut butter sandwich still in hand, trying to see over the kitchen table with a confused look that rivaled my own.
Sure enough, however, Peyton was in pain.
He had reached up and grabbed a handful of his own hair and was yanking on it with all his strength. I tried not to laugh at his self-inflicted predicament at first, but as it took me over a minute to get him to release his grip, I started to feel bad for him. I know how bad it hurts me when he yanks my hair or essentially hangs from it as I try to put him down without realizing he has a handful.
It was then I realized, life can really suck when you have hands, but don't realize it. He's probably still wondering who to blame for that painful episode. Must be a really big mystery for the under 3 months set.


Luann said...

These poor kids that actually come out with hair on their heads really do have it rough. Jared did the same thing to himself and it still makes me smile to think about it. Kids are so fun.

Carly said...

I know! Seeing as Sam is just now getting her hair in, I got totally blindsided by that one!