Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mom's Pearls of Wisdom part 5

I still talk to my mom everyday. When we were first married, my husband thought it was weird, apparently he had never met anyone who talked to their mother as much as me. He might still think it's weird, but he's stopped saying anything about it, which is exactly how I like it.
She is a great confidant and friend, but we don't just talk about ourselves and our own stuff.
My mom and I like to talk politics, sociology, current events, whatever.

She knows sometimes I feel my world is very small, so she sends me gifts that make me feel smart and connected to the world. It's because of her that I read Mental Floss and The Week magazines--both of which I love! She gets my quirkiness and knows how to indulge it.

We don't always agree about everything, but we can talk about it and get over it. I'm rarely ever mad at my mom for more of a day--which is a big deal for someone who can get as worked up as me over nothing. I always ask her advice on dealing with other people, because she always seems to know how to handle things correctly without offending people.

My mom is a great friend and mediator.

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