Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mom's Pearls of Wisdom part 6

Mom can admit that she's wrong, because sometimes she is.

After Daniel and I broke up while he was serving his mission, she was trying to fix my broken heart. She told me I didn't have to marry someone I had known a really long time. "In fact, I feel like you haven't even met the man you will marry yet."

Okay, win some, lose some. The point she was making turned out to be wrong, as I not only married someone I'd known a long time, but it actually happened to be Daniel. She did cheer me up, however, and that was her ultimate goal. She handled a tough situation with tact, which kept things from being awkward when we did get back together.
Plus, she's happy to be wrong on that count, and has always told me how much she loves my husband, and I appreciate that.
So does he.

My mom is a class act.

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