Thursday, June 16, 2011

Scary Things To Come

Tonight, Sam continued to flail around like a lunatic after we advised her not to.  She started climbing on me while I was holding Peyton and I told her she had to take it elsewhere.  Continuing to disobey resulted in her accidentally kicking her baby brother in the back of the head.  I heard the sound of foot on head and I'm still a little mystified that he didn't cry or seem all that bothered by it (thank goodness he wasn't actually hurt).
Still, head kicking is completely unacceptable in our house, especially when she was warned that someone could get hurt.  We have standards for crying out loud!  Up to time out went Sam.
After a few minutes, Sam decided she had been penitent enough and came out to inform Daddy that she was sorry enough to leave her room.  The problem is, our policy (and she knows it) is that she is not to leave time out until we come talk to her, she doesn't get to decide she's done.  So Daniel promptly sent her back.
I was next to Sam's room changing Peyton's diaper when the Sam made her walk of shame back to her bed.  Angry at the continued punishment, halfway back to her "cell," she burst into very loud sobs. 
I glanced back down at Peyton when the crying started, and he very slowly let a grin cross his four-month-old face until he had a full blown beaming smile as his sister walked past the doorway bawling.  It even looked slightly (dare I say?) smug.  I'm sure he's not old enough to have been smiling just because she was crying, but the way the situation unfolded, I could just picture a voice in his little head saying "Enjoy time out, you head kicker.  Ha!"
Sibling rivalry already?  Or just something really funny about the diaper change process?  The world may never know...

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