Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ten Things

Here are Ten Funny Things Sam said just today:

10. When she found her brother on the floor preparing to roll somewhere she said "Hey Buddy.  Where you headed?"
9.  "Mom, I don't want to stand up in the tub today and get my bum cleaned, ok?"
8.  "Help, my leg won't go under the table." Then she straightened out her leg.  "Never mind, there it goes."
7.  To her own leg: "Watch out leg, or you'll get your butt kick!  Haha! I just called my leg a bum crack!  That's funny."
6. In the car, after a rare minute or two of silence, "Oh man, I am cracking myself up!"
5. Me: "How was preschool?" Sam: "It was okay.  A few kids made bad choices. But mostly, it was good."
4. Me: "Who made bad choices?  What happened?" Sam: "Well, this one kid kept walling.  And I just really hate that."  I tried, but was unable to figure out what "walling" is.  She did name the perpetrator, but never actually told me what it was he was doing.
3. "Some volcanoes are hot, and some volcanos are just fun.  I only like the hot ones."
2. I was on the phone to Daniel whispering that because we have had such stressful and lousy days yesterday and today, I wanted to do something fun today with Sam.  When I described what it was as quietly as possible from the backseat, Sam yelled "Hey, did you just tell Daddy you were taking me to McDonalds!? Is that what I just heard you say?   You were too quiet!"
1. I noticed that Sam was walking out of our room with every one of the toys Peyton had been playing with on the floor.  I told her she needed to give them back so he would have something to play with while I bathed her.  She said "Mom, he's okay.  I traded him.  Look at him playing!  Hey Peyton, isn't that so much fun!? Aren't you having fun with your toy!?"  She had taken all of his toys and "traded" him one of those half-sphere stacking toys.  Just one. And it was out of his reach already. Then she added "Okay, since he's having fun over there, I'm just going to put these toys where he can't get them while I take a bath."  Me: "Sam, those are his toys, he can play with them." Sam: "It's okay, he doesn't need them! He's having fun!"

Yes, this is what a day at our house is like.  I'd also like to point out that it is only noon, she woke up late, and spent two hours at preschool.  Daniel wanted to know why I don't keep a record of all the funny things Sam says.  Volume, honey.  Sheer volume.


Luann said...

Have you ever read Junie B. Jones? You might need to...

Me said...

I haven't. Maybe I should. Maybe Sam is reading it behind my back and that's where she's getting this stuff. Is that possible?