Monday, October 27, 2008

Do You Want to Touch? Uh, we'll pass.

Daniel and I were watching TV the other day when a commercial for the new HP with the touch screen came on. The first thought I had was, could this song have grosser lyrics for a computer commercial? Seriously, listen to it next time. Oogy.
Anyway, once I was done wondering why they are going for sex appeal on a freaking computer, I turned to Daniel and said "Would you even want a touch screen computer?"
While I was continuing with "I mean, wouldn't it be hard to work with close detail using your finger instead of a pointer?"
Daniel was simultaneously saying
"No way. The screen would get all smudgy."

Same answer. Totally different ways to get there. Each with reasoning that reflect our personalities perfectly.
That right there is a perfect representative sample of why we work.
Nit-picker and clean-freak, together forever.

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brooksybabe said...

I love your random thoughts.