Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mommy's little piggy

We got a virus on our computer last night, and because I am the resident tech-whiz in the house (I know, very scary thought), the honor of fixing the computer so Daniel could do his homework fell to me. This meant Daddy had to feed Sam her rice cereal solo for the first time ever. I told him how to mix it, but didn't give him any of her little eating quirks before I dashed upstairs to conquer malware. I am Carly the virus slayer, all hail!
When I came down to check on them the first time, Daniel was holding her hands down. Sam likes to "help" feed herself by sucking on her hands with a mouthful of rice cereal. It's disgusting, and makes dinner a complete mess, but it's how she likes to help and I have more important things to worry about. "See," Daniel told me (a tad self-righteously, I might add) "she doesn't need to put her hands in her mouth. Dinner doesn't have to be a disaster every day. We're doing great." Okay, whatever, he's always been a clean-freak. If he wants to pick that battle with a five-month-old, more power to him. Back to the computer.
The second time I came down was towards the end of the meal. Sam had both hands in her mouth and was happily sucking away. She was wearing a bib and had the addition of a dishtowel (my only clean one) covering every other inch of her body. It had big blobs of cereal on it. Daniel looked a little frustrated, and as he got a bite ready, Sam started looking at it and whimpering. "Uh, she decided she wanted to suck on her hands after all, so I was cool with that." Daniel told me confidently. Uh huh. Point to Sam on that one. "and, I guess she likes big bites?" He asked me.
"Well, I always give her big bites, since most of it ends up on her face anyway, and I don't want to be here all day long while she spits out 90% of a million little bites. She seems to enjoy it that way." I explained.
"Yeah. She likes big bites. Every time I get a spoonful of cereal ready, she looks at it, and if there isn't enough food on the spoon she starts to cry!"
Sure enough, Daniel put a little bit more on her spoon, the whimpering stopped and she happily took a bite and shoved her hands back in her mouth. "She also keeps grabbing the spoon if I don't get it to her fast enough."
Oh, yes, the spoon grab. A trick I know well by now.
So, as it turns out, my baby is a pig. Maybe we should feed her with a serving spoon instead of a baby one.
Also, all my worrying about whether or not she'll take after me is rather moot. I like to eat too. Like mother, like daughter. That's awesome. We can have emotional eating issues together someday. I'm so glad she seems to get all her bad traits from me and all the good ones from Daddy. Good times.

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