Friday, October 3, 2008

"It's My First Day" presents...

Sentences I have uttered just today that I'd never thought I'd say...
This is what comes when you only have a 5 month old to converse with.
Special thanks to parenthood for making all this possible.

"Wow, DJ Lance Rock has hair!"

"You know what? Mommy's eyebrows aren't for licking. No no."

"Are you my little Goober Oober Woober Doober?"

"I love you, but you're not the only one who really needs a nap right now."

"We don't chase earwigs. They taste yucky, trust me."

"Let's go get Mommy some Tylenol. She has a headache wedache."

"Binkys don't crawl back when you chuck them, you know, one of us has to get up."

and finally

"Augh! Gross! Why did I sniff you?! I knew you were poopy!"

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