Thursday, October 9, 2008

How does she know I'm crazy?

So, now that Sam can say both "mamama" and "bababa" she's decided she'd rather say only one syllable of each. Now she says "mom" a lot. I swear, she is saying "mom." One syllable, starts with an M and very clearly ends with a M. It is so stinking cute.
Today, I totally forgot that she doesn't know what that means, and we had our first conversation. If I answer her back while she babbles, she tends to stop talking and start smiling to try to make me laugh, so I've been trying to just let her talk without getting involved. It is super hard and I apparently suck at it.
Sam was babbling while I changed her diaper, when all of a sudden she says:
It was so abrupt, sudden and forceful, that I thought she was actually trying to get my attention. "What do you want to tell me, Sam?" I answer.
"A Baaaaa!"
I get all excited and shout (in goofy baby-voice) "No way! Where is the Ba?"
Sam just gave me this extremely confused and concerned look that can best be described as Sam thinking "How would I know? I don't know what I'm saying actually means, I'm just a baby! Why would you think I did? Are you okay, mom?"
Yeah, so even my nearly 6-month-old thinks I belong in a psych-ward. Isn't she too young to think her mom is lame? I'm a little hurt that at this young age Sam thinks I'm nuts. But on the plus side, we had a conversation! Woohoo!

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